I Wanna Text You Up (Page 33)

He grabs at my face, his hand cupping my jaw and bringing my eyes to meet his.

“You don’t have to,” he insists.

“I know I don’t have to. I want to.”

His cock jumps at my words and I chuckle before lowering my mouth to him. I dart my tongue out, tracing it around the tip.

Just the tip.

I laugh to myself and Caleb moans at the vibration it sends over his dick. I trail my tongue down around his length, taking my time teasing him.


I finally close my mouth around him, sucking him all the way to the back of my throat before retreating and repeating the process.

Suddenly Caleb grabs my head and pulls me off him.

“No. No! You’re fucking deep-throating me and that’s just not fair. I’m about to bust a load down your throat, and that’s not what I want to do.”

I sit back on my haunches, giggling.

“You’re laughing? Ugh. How come you never told me you could deep-throat?”

“What’d you want me to do? Introduce myself with that little factoid?”

“Hell yes!”

I titter. “That would take all the fun out of the surprise.”

“I suppose that’s true,” he murmurs.

He pulls me to my feet along with him and grabs at the straps on my dress, slowly pulling them down.

“There’s a zipper in the back, you know.”

Caleb spins me around and pulls me tightly against him. I can feel his erection nestled perfectly against my ass as he carefully rocks his hips into me. His chest brushes against my back with each inhale he takes, the warmth of his breath fanning across my clammy skin, sending a shiver down my body.

He gingerly pulls the zipper down the tracks, and I swear he’s taking his sweet ass time.

Without an ounce of patience left in me, I grab at my dress and begin to pull it over my head, only to have it get stuck halfway.

“Ugh! Stupid boobs!” I grumble, jerking left and right, trying to pull the piece of fabric off me.

Caleb’s hands find my body and still my movements.

“Oh, no. You’re not going anywhere. You’re staying just like this.”

“Caleb, my dress is halfway up my body and I’m stuck.”

“Exactly,” he mutters. He leads me to the bed, pushing me down until I’m bent over, my ass in the air. “I see you put another thong on.” His fingers pinch at the material. “I never understood how women could stand wearing them, but fuck me if I’m not enjoying the view right now.”

“Fucking you is exactly what I want to do,” I practically growl.

“In good time,” he promises.

He pushes my dress higher, the new position making it possible for me to slide it over my arms and off. Caleb allows it, his attention still focused on my behind.

I gasp when I feel his lips land along my spine and nearly collapse when he tracks the tip of his tongue down, down, down. His wet mouth lays open kisses along my ass cheeks, hands gripping each one.

“You been doing your squats, Zoe?” he whispers.

“Oh my god, shut up and just fuck me.”

He bites at me and I buck into him. “Not yet.”

His kisses continue south, his fingers now pulling at the thin strip of material resting between my cheeks, each pull causing friction in the most delicious of places.

I wait with want as he pulls aside my underwear and kneels, his fingers edging closer and closer to my now exposed pussy. A loud moan escapes me when he brushes his fingertip over me. I push my hips back, seeking more contact, but Caleb uses his other hand to hold me still as he continues slowly running a single digit over my skin.

He presses down on the small of my back, pushing me farther into the bed. I’m on full display, and I’ve never been splayed out like this in front of a guy before. It’s sending a thrill through me I never knew I was missing.

Normally I’d be covering myself, embarrassed by having a guy so close to my privates, but with Caleb, I feel free. I feel confident.


Just when I begin to think this was all one big tease, he plunges two fingers into me. A gasp bursts free and my hips instantly push back on his assault.

The pleasure reaches an all-time high when his tongue joins the torture, seeking out my clit and pulling it into his mouth with a tender suck.

“Oh, holy fuck, Caleb.”

My legs begin to quake, and I can barely hold myself up as my orgasm races through me before I even know it’s happening.

His rhythmic movements cease as he pulls away, sliding his fingers slowly out of my greedy body. He gently pushes me over until I’m on my back staring up at him. Reaching down, he hooks his fingers into my underwear and pulls the material down my legs while I catch my breath.

Standing with a foil packet in his hand, his fire-filled gaze meets mine.

“Scoot up the bed, Zoe.”

That rasp. His voice sends another shock straight to my core, and I don’t hesitate to comply, scampering up until there’s room for us both. He tears the condom open and rolls it over his length, giving his cock a few strokes. I could watch him do it all day, and he knows it by the way my legs drift open at the sight.

He places a knee on the bed and lifts a brow my way.

“You sure?”

I nod enthusiastically.

Caleb wastes no time settling between my legs and burying himself in me.

“Oh god,” he croaks.

Panting, he pulls out until the tip of his cock is sitting inside of me. “Fuck. You feel so amazing. I’m going to embarrass the shit out of myself if I keep this up.”

I wrap my legs around him, heels digging into his ass, trying to pull him back in. “I don’t really care about any of that. I just want to feel you inside me.”

“I care. I want this to last. I want this to be good for you.”

I grab his face, holding his stare steady with mine. “If you fuck me fast now, you can fuck me longer later, again and again and again.”

I pull his mouth to mine and kiss him until he finally drives into me again.

His hips piston in and out of me as he reaches down to run circles over my clit with the tips of his fingers. We find a rhythm that works for us both, grunting and groaning until we can’t take it any longer.

“I can’t last much longer.”

“I know, I know. Harder.”

My pussy clenches around Caleb’s dick and he picks up his pace, driving into me faster and harder than before. The pressure feels so good, so intense. It’s just the perfect amount of everything, causing another orgasm to rush through me.

Another hard pound, another sound of our skin smacking together. Another moan, and then Caleb’s finding his own release, his dick pulsing inside me as he empties himself.

His arms begin to shake as he holds his weight off me, grinning like he’s the luckiest man alive. He brings his nose to mine, nuzzling against me with his eyes closed.


It’s all he says.

My name, whispered.

And I fall so hard for him.


I stretch my arms wide above my head, my body feeling tired and sore in all the right ways.

Burying my face into my pillow, I smile at the thought of last night because…wow.

After we cleaned ourselves up in the shower, we slipped beneath the sheets and stayed awake for hours, exploring one another.

I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun learning someone else’s body before.

I reach over to the spot beside me, surprised when I feel cold sheets.


I peel back the comforter that’s wrapped around me and reluctantly crawl out of bed. Picking up one of Caleb’s discarded shirts, I slide it over my head and sigh as his scent washes over me. I dig a pair of socks from the duffel bag I’ve yet to unpack and pull them onto my feet before padding out of the bedroom and down the hall.

I expected to find Caleb sitting on the couch, but he’s not there.

Instead I find a forlorn looking Magnus, who looks up at me with the saddest eyes.

“What’s up, buddy?”

He lets out a soft grunt.

Okay then.

I wander into the kitchen…no Caleb.

Maybe he’s out back?

Nope, not there either.



Out front?


Where the hell are you, Caleb?

I race to the bedroom for my phone and check for messages. I come up empty…again. I pull up my recently contacted list and swipe over his name.

The call goes straight to voicemail.

What the…

Soft fluff rubs against my legs and Mittens lets out a tiny meow.

“Not now, buddy,” I tell him, but he doesn’t go away. He continues rubbing and pawing at me until I finally bend down and scoop him into my arms.

I run my hand over his fur, trying to console him and me at the same time, until my hand brushes over something that shouldn’t be there.

Glancing down, I’m surprised to see a folded orange note attached to the back of his collar. I pull it free and set Mittens down.

My hands shake as I open the note.


I’ll explain everything later.


That’s all it says.

Four words.

Four fucking words.

What in the actual fuck?

I try Caleb’s number again. This time it rings twice before going to voicemail, which means he’s deliberately avoiding me.

“Son of a bitch!”